2021, IT / AT / RUS
78 min

Feature Film, Drama

Director: Elisabetta Pellini, Francesco Colangelo, Willem Zaeyen, Elly Senger-Weiss

Screenplay: Elisabetta Pellini, Giancarlo Scarchilli, Francesco Colangelo, Willem Zaeyen, Max Gruber,

Production: ELLLY Films, Odysseya-Cinema

Producers: Claudio Bucci, Elly Senger-Weiss, Fedor Krat

Cast: Caterina Murino, Giorgio Colangeli, Bianca Nappi, Milena Vukotic, Andrea Roncato, Maurilio Leto, Lorenzo Marinozzi, Cinzia Diddi, Alex Sparrow, Ieva Andrejevaite, David Fears Jr., Katharina Holoubek, Philipp Karner, Oleg Taktarov, Lili Epply

Audience Award for best Picture
Elly Senger-Weiss
Internatrional Filmfestival COLIFFE

Mobile phone, mobile phone and finally smartphone. Different names for the same device that, since 2011, has evolved to the point of changing the evolution and existence of the same human race. An instrument of connection and a factory of solitude, a matrix of ostentation and profound insecurity, an exaltation of eros and the creator of the generational complex, a nest of sin. And if sin is what obscures the soul, here is the story of obscured souls. Four develop and exceed the margin of normality, transforming reality into a possible and terrible nightmare. Four stories that host fear and suspicion that become deviation, degeneration, decay. Four stories that cross the ultimate border of balance and become ruinously real, tangible. True contemporary stories, chronicles of intense characters, of complex psychologies. A subtle and penetrating plot that welcomes an irreversible alternation of the mind, with its emotions and its thoughts.

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