2023, USA / FRA / AT
112 min

Feature Film, Thriller

Director: Shane Atkinson

Screenplay: Shane Atkinson

Production: Lotus Entertainment, The Exchange, Adastra Films, Ellly Films

Producers: Caddy Vanasirikul, Sébastien Aubert, Jérémie Guiraud, Elly Senger-Weiss

Cast: John Magaro, Steve Zahn, Dylan Baker, Megan Stevenson, Matthew Del Negro, Brad Leland

Worldpremiere at TRIBECA Filmfestival
in New York, June 2023

Ray Jepsen (John Magaro) is a humble co-owner of a hardware store who still can’t believe he managed to marry local beauty queen Stacy-Lynn. When his private investigator friend, Skip (Steve Zahn), reveals to Ray that Stacy-Lynn is having an affair, Ray decides to kill himself. He secures a gun and goes to a seedy motel parking lot to do the deed, but before he can pull the trigger, he is mistaken by a stranger for a low-rent hitman (a sinister Dylan Baker) and given an envelope full of cash and an address.
Desperate to win back his self-respect and his wife, Ray decides to take the job — but soon wishes he had just killed himself.

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