Im Haus der alten Augustin

2024, AT
108 min

Feature Film, Crime-Thriller

Director & Screenplay: Gerald Pribek 

Production: Gerald Pribek Production, ELLLY Films GmbH

Producers: Gerald Pribek, Elly Senger-Weiss

Cast: Lisa-Carolin Nemec, Gerald Pribek, Birgit Linauer, Clemens Aap Lindenberg, Thomas Erlmoser, Christina Dungl, G√ľnter Tolar, Tobias Ofenbauer, Sir Tralala.

One evening at a vernissage, the artist Albin meets the mysterious Herbert, who immediately afterwards commits suicide. When Albin found out the next day, he got to the bottom of the matter and discovered more and more connections to his girlfriend`s (Ida) family.